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This is more aptly described as a psychopath's blog
Oh. And I like MLP:FIM.

Warning you may be mentally disturbed, distressed, depressed, dumber and/or delighted by anything you read/see on this blog. It is your personal choice to come to/carry on reading my blog.
I may be unclear/mistaken during evaluation of my personal interpretation of events. Occasionally my opinions may be offensive and disagree with your, which might be influenced by my personal subjective life experiences, dry and sarcastic humour, or having a different mindset than your own.
I may not be held responsible for any (re)actions you have following reading this blog. This blog is purely for entertainment purposes only and things I write here may likely not be genuine events/thoughts and/or opinions that may have transpired.
Any humiliation/injuring of the person who may decide to act upon my words/pictures is not intended by me and I may not be held responsible for them.
Any comments that may be left here in terms of questions, reblogs, photographs or drawings having opinions that call into question the morality, sanity and or logic of such persons are the expressed personal opinions and the property of their respective owner(s). I cannot in any way whatsoever be held responsible for the inherent probability that the minds of their respective owner(s) may very well be equally or possibly more dysfunctional, disturbed and or confused than my own, and it is not not my practice, nor may it be possible that I could influence or change any comments shown/left here by/through others.
I do not intend to defame/purge/brainwash/humiliate/hurt anyone emotionally, physically and/or psychologically. If it does happen, any harm caused to persons who have read my (reblogged/quoted) material or opinions. My words are not considered to be advice. If you consider them to be I urge you not to think so. If you are influenced by any writings/opinions here that is not my intention for such an occurance.
If you find anything you feel offensive/disturbing and/or hate, please (Fan) ask me and I will consider your reasoning and may take such material(s) down. You may also contact me through other means appropriately and at your own discretion.
Respective law(s) is not intended to be broken in your home country(ies) or international community(s) which may be due to me being unaware of such law(s) and/or practice(s) of the said place(s).
Things like flagging a cab/taxi or thumbs up are not intended to offend you should this concern members of your family/community. This is also due to the fact that it may not apply to a significant number of the international populus of the earth or location(s) which I reside in.
~Thank You for Reading This~